Environmental Benefits Of Recycling Metal

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Did you know that making one can from raw materials requires about the same energy as making 20 cans from recycled metal?

Well, recycling has been much hailed lately for its tremendous benefits on protecting the Earth. As global warming is constantly sweeping away our wildlife and glaciers, scientists have alarmed the global population about its severe consequences. And in times like these, recycling is one of the best solutions to decelerate the rising temperatures. Recycling metals, like Copper, Aluminium, Iron, etc., can have numerous benefits worth knowing for everyone.

Preventing The Landscape Destruction

You must have read somewhere in your Science books how metals are extracted from an ore. Well, these ores aren’t found everywhere. They’re usually mined from the untouched zones of Earth, resulting in landscape destruction. Not only does it create visual pollution, but it also takes away the habitats of many species, leading to a disturbance in the natural ecosystems. However, recycling metals can slow down the process of mining to obtain new metals and prevent the destruction of Mother Nature.

Reducing Air Pollution

Recycling metals wouldn’t just prevent mining and destruction of land, but it would also pull down the import and export demands to fulfill the metal needs in different parts of the world. When all countries start reusing their existing metals, they’ll eventually contribute to declining carbon emissions from vehicles, cargo, etc.

Moreover, producing new metals also results in enormous greenhouse gas emissions, which can be tackled by reusing existing metals to manufacture new products.

Recycling Saves Energy

As stated in the beginning, producing one metal can from ore takes 20 times for energy than recycling one. Almost 75% of your energy bills can be saved by reforming the existing metals than extracting metals from ore.

Lesser Need For Landfills

The waste thrown out of your homes or factories is majorly dumped into landfills. However, if the metals present in your trash are recycled, it reduces the need for landfills, putting a restrain on increasing land and visual pollution.

Getting Economic Benefits

Did you know that you can be paid for your scrap metals? Many industries and individuals have been generating income by selling their waste metals to recycling companies.

But that’s not all. The economic benefits of recycling metals spread far and wide. Recycling industries produce 500,000 jobs and $13 billion in tax revenue each year in the USA. Moreover, the recycled metals are also exported to other countries and utilized in many industries, saving the costs and energy of the entire country.

The Takeaway

Recycling metals has tremendous advantages on the global climate. It reduces pollution, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions besides protecting animals’ natural habitats. Moreover, it also contributes to the country’s economic well-being by creating job opportunities and maintaining trade balance while saving energy costs.

Thus, the famous slogan of “reduce, reuse, and recycle” should be implemented everywhere, from your home to your company, to limit the new metal production and, in turn, save the Earth for generations to come.

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