The 5 Most Valuable Metals To Scrap

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You might be shocked to hear that scrap metals can be a lucrative source of cash, especially if you are renovating your home or have access to ample amounts of metal debris at your factory. Scrap metal collection allows you to contribute to the availability of natural materials to manufacturers while also making extra revenue and removing any hazardous things from your environment.In most cases, people throw away some of the most expensive scrap metals into their kitchen trash or a dumpster on the job site. However, most of you might not know that businesses are ready to pay top cash to buy them from you rather than go through more expensive routes.You can go through this blog to learn about the most valuable metals that aren’t meant to be thrown but to be exchanged for money. Here are the top five most valuable metals you can ask your local scrap metal recycler to pick up.

Copper is used to plating the pennies in your pocket, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it has no worth. Copper is one of the most costly scrap metals on the market.With this in mind, you should make every effort to secure your copper equipment and scrap any excess copper. Some of the best things to scrap for copper include broken electrical cables, electronic equipment, and old copper pipes left over after a plumbing renovation. Bring all this stuff to the scrap yard and get paid right away.

You might not realize how many ancient objects you have around the house that have brass components. If you have an object that seems gold when clean, but you know it’s not made of gold, it’s most likely made of brass. Brass can be found in a variety of antique ornamental artifacts, including candlesticks, plates, trophies, brass fittings, door handles/knockers, and bed frames.Since this alloy is made of Copper and Zinc, you can get a reasonable sum for scrapping it. The redder your brass material is, the higher the Copper content it has, and the better you’ll be paid for it.

Silver, like gold and platinum, is a precious metal well-known for its name and appearance. Coins, photography, dentistry, and electronics all employ silver. Silver is, of course, popular in jewelry. It’s also a good investment because it can appreciate in value over time.However, instead of taking it to your jewelry or pawn shop, you can sell it to scrap metal purchasers. They might occasionally pay more for silver scrap than those shops would. Thus, if you have old jewelry, silverware, medals, or antique vases lying around your home, you might be able to make some quick cash by scrapping them.

You probably already know that collecting soft drink cans is an excellent method to supplement your household’s income, but did you know that aluminum is also used in awnings, gutters, and old bike frames? Metal furniture, which is often comprised of aluminum, is another fantastic source of this pricy metal, which you can then sell to scrap metal recycling companies. You don’t need to look far to discover considerable amounts of aluminum to earn some cash.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is one of the most prevalent metals used today. Because there appears to be so much of it, it is frequently regarded as less valuable. However, the fact that stainless steel contains other metals such as chromium or chrome (10 percent or more), nickel molybdenum, and iron boosts its worth. The value of different classes of stainless steel scrap varies, and the grade is determined by the quantity of nickel in the alloy.Appliances, white goods, other culinary equipment, and some automobile parts and machinery found in factories and warehouses are frequently made of stainless steel. You just need to collect all your stainless steel scrap to get paid for it instantly.

The Takeaway
Scrap metals can be a great source of income for your household. Thus, instead of letting metals pile up in your yard, or throwing them away for no good, sell them off to your local scrap metal recycler.If you want to give away your scrap metal for recycling, Super Scrap is just a call away. We promise to give you the best prices for your metal waste with an on-site weighing system. Get in touch with us now!

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