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Super Scrap Inc. is a full-service, multi-faceted scrap metal recycling company. We provide a range of services from pick-up and container service to demolition services. We also have two convenient locations where customers can bring their scrap metal for recycling.

Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal Recycling Service

Super Scrap Inc. Has two decades of experience in recycling scrap metals. We are equipped with modern technology, workforce, and skills to recycle almost every type of metal. With our flexible drop-off hours and our strategic locations near Manhattan, we strive to make metal recycling as convenient and stress free as possible for you and your company.

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On-site Pick-up Service

Super Scrap Inc. takes pleasure in making scrap metal recycling as simple as possible! We provide on-site weigh and pay service to ease your hassles further. This is typically for non-ferrous material (metal that contains no iron). For more information, call us at (347)9378737.

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Container Service

Super Scrap provides scrap metal containers to Long Island and all five boroughs of New York, with flexible and convenient scheduling. For any project, big or small, we indeed have you covered. Thanks to our specialized dispatch team, we ensure that each scrap metal container is delivered and collected promptly. If you have any questions regarding requesting a container for your project, we’re just a call away. We have 10 through 40 yard containers.

Scrap Metal

Demolition Service

For each industrial project, Super Scrap Inc. provides comprehensive demolition services. We pay careful attention to each aspect, from on-site examination through clean-up, providing efficient and productive services.
Our staff ensures that your project is completed in line with environmental and safety regulations by paying close attention to the minor details. We keep track of your project from start to finish with hands-on management services. By maximizing the value of scrap metal, we compensate and reduce the cost of your demolition job significantly.